Meet 1390PHOTO

We are a small collective of photographers located in the Greater Los Angeles area specializing in food photography and social  media branding.

We create a social  media presence that is unique to your brand/business in order to drive meaningful social engagement with your target consumer.

When working in food & hospitality, our main objective lies in the specific needs of your business, so please don’t hesitate to reach out, ask questions, or even just say hello!

We’re here for you!


Lynora Valdez is the founder of 1390PHOTO and a photographer currently based in Los Angeles. She received a BA from the University of California in Santa Cruz in 2013. Her most recent contract is being part of the team that photographs restaurants for UberEats, her work is featured both in-app and in promotional emails.

Lynora Valdez

Lead Photographer & CEO



Our Promise

We are a Los Angeles based collective driven by the vision of LA’s core values: diversity, creativity, innovative architecture, and cutting edge cuisine and dining. Whether you’re an up and coming mom & pop, or a well established Los Angeles staple looking to update a menu, there is no limit to what 1390PHOTO can do for your business and image.  Set up a meeting today!